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walking in mid Devon lifestyle photoshoot

If you want to change a dull, sky into a nice blue sky here is a quick and easy hack to use on Canva. If you have taken your photo on your smartphone then simply use the mobile canva app or if you prefer to work on your desktop then use Canva online here

I normally do edits like this in Adobe Photoshop as it gives me more flexibility, but while testing out some new features in Canva to use with my smartphone photography workshops, I discovered this new AI feature.

This image is a bit technical as it has trees overhanging and there is a puddle to match up to, so there are many easier images to work on than this one.

Start easy with maybe a seascape or just a sky change. I am really pleased with this version of sky replacement in Canva, its is fantastic. I could do it all on my phone too.

As Canva uses cloud hosting, whatever I do on my phone, matches up with my computer or any other device. Just log into your own account and all your projects are there waiting to be used, shared or downloaded. Plus if you don’t have an Adobe Photoshop subscription then using this hack in Canva is super easy.

Watch this video to see – How to swap a dull sky for a blue sky in Canva

This video takes you step by step through the process of

  • Getting your photo into canva
  • Editing the photo in canva
  • Masking an area of sky that needs to be swapped
  • Programming AI in canva to get the desired sky that is not to bright or fake
  • Swapping the dull overcast sky into a sunny blue sky with fluffy clouds
  • Editing the puddle on the floor to match the sky
  • What to do when you don’t get the result you expect
  • Finally exporting the finished photo showing the before and after results

I run workshops and teach smartphone photography and professional photography classes, so if you want to improve your smartphone skills then fill in the form below or book here for a quick virtual coffee and chat to find out how I can help you

Kit for Smartphone Photography and Video

Kit for Smartphone Photography and Video to help you take better photos and videos using just your smartphone. There are so many bits of kit you can use when starting out taking photos of your products or needing to explain your services. When I teach smartphone photography and video workshops I have a box of tricks that I bring along that help me take better photos or shoot videos on my phone.

A Bendy Mini Tripod For Smartphones

A super helpful portable tripod that you can use with all smartphones. You can bend the legs and wrap it around door handles, street furniture, or anything. It is also really sturdy enough to be a good tripod on the desk.

The swivel head means it can be used for overhead shots – perfect for the crafters out there. It has non slip rubber feet and it’s lightweight too. You can take the head off the top and it fits inside an A4 box.

Mini Phone Ring Light

A mini Selfie ring light that clips to the top of your phone, lighting up your face if you are doing a piece to camera or lighting up the area you are taking a photo of.

Great for foodie shots, product photos and beauty pictures. It’s rechargeable with a USB cable that comes with it. There are 3 brightness settings with this handy little ring light.

Niffty little hack to add a Popsocket to the back of your phone making it easier to hold and take selfies.

Also, you can pop it out to prop up your phone and watch a video / film. When you are done pop it away as it folds flat. This is the basic Popsocket but there are loads of colours available.

Once you have you have one you will wonder how you ever coped with out it!

Background holder

An extra pair of hands to hold items up when you are photographing them or a way to hold a piece of paper background.

These little grips attach to the edge of a table and I use them to hold a paper backdrop in place when taking photos of small products. They are only about a foot long with bendy repositionable arms and crocodile clips on the end.

They are easy to use, if you want to hold bigger and heavier items then use the larger backdrop listed below.

Portable Table

This might not look like a photography prop but it has been so helpful for me. I can set it up and do all my product photography on it. It’s easy to wipe clean and to transport to clients’ rooms if I need to.

To make it as easy as possible to take photos quickly yourself, have a space already set up with help. YOu don;t need lots of space, this is just a 6′ table.

If you want to have a mini photography space set up in your home or office, then this table is ideal as its easy to set up and packs flat when you have finished.

Tape for holding backdrops and sticking stuff down

I can’t get enough good tape that sticks to walls and shiny surfaces, plus when you peel it off it leaves no marks. This is the best tape I have used

I use it mainly for sticking backdrops to the wall and letting them hang down so that I get an infinity curve.

The tape is strong enough to hold wallpaper and backdrops. I personally like the blue colour too but it comes in traditional white too.


I use the amazing backdrops created by Captured by Lucy as she is based in the UK and in my opinion, makes the best backdrops.

They are wipable, strong and not made out of paper so you can use them time and time again. Every colour imaginable in backdrops and a number of sizes to choose from.

Tripod Adaptor for Smartphone

If I attach my phone to a tripod I want to know its not going to slip and move about.

This clip attaches to all smartphones and it can easily be moved from portrait to landscape shooting.

Easy to clip in and go and more successful that the cheaper option that dropped and smashed my phone.

Tripod for Smartphone Photography and Video

This tripod has extra kit that ships with it like the remote clicker and the smartphone adaptor. A lightweight tripod that’s easy to put up and packs away.

It’s a great piece of kit to use indoors, but if you are outside I suggest having a heavy weight at the bottom of the kit to stop it from blowing over in the wind. Use your kit bag / handbag to steady it.

Ring light, full-height tripod and clicker

Ring light, tripod and Bluetooth remote all the things you need to take great pictures of yourself or headshots.

I also use this when I am on virtual calls or taking photos with my smartphone or professional camera.

The NEEWER Ring Light Kit is a fill height tripod and the ring light is also Dimmable LED Ring Light and has an adjustable stand. The Bluetooth clicker can be used with your smartphone on its own too, so no longer do you have to run to and fro to set up your timer for your photos.

Reelly good reals workshop

Land your next client by using the power of Instagram REELS

Reelly Good Reels Instagram Workshop held online, learn how to make reels in just 90 minutes!

Have you ever thought…

🚫 “There is no way I am doing a selfie video’

🚫 “I hate being in front of the camera”

❌ I am not dancing or lip-syncing online

🚫 I am not sure my clients would like reels

🚫 I don’t feel that confident using tech

❌ I have tried to do a Reel but it just looked all wrong

Reelly Good Reels Instagram Workshop with Becky Craven
Oh Hi! I am Becky, here to help you unravel Instagram Reels


📲 Using videos on Instagram is likely to help your business.

📲 If you knew how to do it that would really help you

Let’s be really clear

You use Instagram as a way of generating leads for your business right?

Instagram is a way to make new connections have more conversations and make new sales.

If you want to learn how to dance or lip-sync then this workshop is not for you.

If you want to get your next client from Instagram then listen up.

Harness the power of Instagram Reels in 90 minutes

I have been teaching Reels to beginners for two years and everyone has come away from this workshop feeling more confident about how to create Reels in Instagram. Most people in my courses have actually made a reel in the workshops and posted it online by the end of the 90 minutes.

In this workshop, I will teach you

✅ How to film, create, edit and add text and audio to your Reels all on your smartphone

✅ How to create Reels that are relevant to your business

✅ How to make your Reels that attract your ideal dream client

✅ How to promote and share your Reels outside of Instagram

✅ You will also gain confidence to use all the Instagram reel features from text to audio to music and overlays.

The biggest benefit of creating short-form video Reels on Instagram is that you will:

🚀 You will reach a wider audience.

🚀  Your account will be seen by people who don’t currently know or follow you

🚀  And you have a higher chance of increasing your followers on Instagram

Here’s what the previous Instagram students said:

This live workshop is run on Zoom, so you can chat and ask questions directly to me.

Once you sign up a link will be sent over to your email account with the full zoom login details.

The workshop is held on 8th February 10-11.30

If you can’t make it, the session will be recorded for you to watch back in your own time.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions as this is an interactive workshop.

What you will need

You will need to have Instagram installed on your smartphone and check its up to date.

You will also need a good internet connection

Ideally access to zoom and Instagram on different screens eg a mobile phone and a computer.

If you have any questions fill in the form below.

Reelly Good Reels Instagram Workshop 8th February 10 -11.30

becky craven commercial photographer

Did you know that business owners need three kinds of photographs to grow and stand out?

  • Professional photographs
  • Everyday photographs
  • Referral photographs

📸 Professional photos

These are taken by a trained and qualified professional photographer (like me 😁). They are very high quality and can tell your story, build your brand and show you and your products in the best possible light. You need these photos to show off your brand and your company vision.

colourful product photography from brands in the Uk. Patterned tiles with fresh flowers and blue cup with tea in it, dasiy and dom chocolate laid out ready to eat in this relaxed product shot by photographer Becky Craven

I have been working as a commercial photographer since 2006 and have taken hundreds of product and  scroll-stopping hero shots for businesses and individuals. 

I am known for creating gorgeous lifestyle photos that need planning, props and often people. I source and direct models – these might be your friends and family or they might be professional. I also visualise and source the props that bring your brand alive, and plan and coordinate the team on shoot day like hairdressers, lighting, video, animals ..and so on.

I love this part of my job. It’s when all the ideas and vision come together on a photoshoot. 

📱Everyday photos

These are pictures taken by you and your company and your team, often on your smartphone. They can complement your professional brand photos. 

Smartphone Photography training with Becky Craven

The pictures might not look quite as good as those taken by a professional but they are an essential part of a business. That’s because they show authenticity and day-to-day activities. They show behind the scenes – and people love that. 

You need these pictures for one purpose – they are to build real and long-lasting relationships with your customers and clients. 

I can teach you or your team how to use your smartphone to take brilliant photos, how to edit the pictures and then resize or upload them online. All with the aim to generate leads for your business. 

🔥 Referral photos

These are visual reviews from other people and your clients. An example would be a photograph a customer has taken of one of your products they’ve bought or received, such as food, drink, clothing, the pretty view from their rented cottage…you get the idea.

These are often overlooked but they are gold to your business. Not only is this a valuable review but it is also additional content for free. 

I can teach you how to get access to repurposed images, how to correctly use other people’s photos and where to successfully use them online in your marketing material. 

How I can help you and your business 

Book a free discovery call to find out how to elevate your business to another level using fantastic photography. 

Or find out here about me teaching your team at work 

Every month I run a free two-hour networking event in Exeter where creative individuals and teams can come together to share ideas and experiences over drinks and nibbles.

It’s open to a wide range of creative businesses, from self-employed entrepreneurs through to corporate brand and marketing professionals.

Each month features at least one guest speaker talking about a ‘hot’ creative topic followed by a friendly group  discussion

It’s an opportunity to socialise and collaborate with other people just like you working creatively in Exeter and across the South West. 

Follow me on Eventbrite to find out about the next event

smartphone safari photography workshop

A photo walk with your smartphone in an urban town or village or within the Devon and Somerset countryside. Helping you to learn how to take better photographs with just your smartphone, taught by a qualified professional photographer.

“Forget about it being a phone, think about it being a camera”


The best camera is the one you have in your hand, for most people that is your smartphone, so let’s use it to capture amazing photos of the local area to help your sense of wellbeing, learn a new skill or just to get out in the fresh air with like-minded people.

I want to be able to share my love of photography with everyone, and highlight that it is not just a professional camera kit that you need to take a beautiful photo, you need to learn to really see.

How does this work?

I will take you on a 2-hour photo walk either in a town or in the countryside. I will teach you how to take better photographs, learn to see how to take better photos and really look at your surroundings.

As part of the workshop I will share

  • Use the settings within your smartphone
  • Take you to points of interest that look great in photographs
  • I will teach you about storytelling with your photos
  • Show you how to take better portraits of yourself or others
  • We will discuss lighting, angles and setups

In the second hour, we will stop for a drink at a cafe or stop for a picnic. I will share how to edit your photographs, apps to use on your phone along with some of my pro editing tips. All the work we do can be from within your own smartphone, which you need to bring along. I will show you which apps are great for editing and tips on how to make your photos look even better.

What you will need

  • Good footwear
  • A sense of adventure
  • Your own smartphone, that is fully charged

If it is raining we will still go ahead with the walk, just bring suitable clothing and footwear

Who is running this workshop?

Hi I am Becky, I have been a professional photographer since 2006 running my own photography business. I have an MA in Photography and teach at Universities and colleges and run my own online courses.

My aim is to empower and enable as many people as possible to enjoy photography and not let the elite costs limit you from being a photographer. I am taking the kit and camera costs away to make it accessible to anyone who has a smartphone

Find out more about me here

Smartphone photography training
Smartphone Photography Training for Businesses with Becky Craven
Smartphone Photography Training for Businesses with Becky Craven

Smartphone Photography Training for Businesses will help your business never be stuck for photos again.

Training creatives, independent business owners, marketing departments, VA’s and communications teams in large organisations all to take better photos on their mobile phones, so that you can use the photos quickly and effectively on social media and websites.

Empower your team to identify, create, edit and share professional business photos all from their smartphone

As a professional photographer, I can teach you how to take better photos on your smartphone and edit them so that they look professional. The need for photographs is growing, we are in the age of the image. Social media platforms are demanding, gorgeous photos stop the scroll. YOu can capture people’s attention online with just a photograph.

Businesses need regular photographs that are quick and easy to update. Professional photographers are not always available. Maybe you have not got a budget yet for a professional photographer, maybe you are going to an event and need to write a blog post about it – but what photos can you use? Perhaps your job is to maintain social media accounts and you need images to fill the account but often end up using stock photos which are not quite right.

Learning to use the kit most of us have in our back pocket, our mobile phone is the quickest and easiest way to up your photography skills. Your images are a reflection of your branding and your business.

My training will help you feel confident and comfortable that you and your staff will be empowered to take photographs in the right way.

In the workshop, you will learn how to enhance your photos even further using easy to use intuitive photo editing apps. I will show you the techniques and apps to create brilliant photos you did not think were possible, all on a smartphone.

By teaching and encouraging a number of staff to take photographs in your business, you will get a larger variety of images from across your company. This means the social media and blog posts will be more authentic, relevant and interesting to your ideal clients.

Behind the scenes video on a recent smartphone photography training day for businesses

Smartphone Photography Courses can be booked as a half-day or full-day

Couse Details Include

  • Get to know the camera on your phone
  • How to take better photographs by exploring using natural light, setups, angles and exposure.
  • How to set up a group and individual photos
  • Rule of thirds and how to use it
  • Setting up photos when you have nothing to say
  • How to create a story with photos
  • Editing – how to do it and what not to do
  • Editing photos workflow
  • Cropping, resizing and object removal
  • Backup and repurposing photos
  • Where to best use your photos online
  • A handy kit list to help you further

Smartphone photography training for businesses

You can choose where to learn how to take better photos with your smartphone

  • In person group workshop at your office
  • A chosen location off-site
  • As part of an away day team building event
  • Online with Zoom

I teach in groups of 6 – 15 people so that everyone gets support and personal advice during the in-person sessions. On zoom I run 2 hour – half-day interactive workshops with up to 20 people. Click the link to book a discovery call to talk about all the options in more detail, and let me know what your business needs.

Happy Customers

About the Smartphone Photography Coach

Hi I am Becky Craven I have been running my photography business since 2006, I work as a commercial photographer. Before becoming a photographer full time I worked with advertising and marketing agencies.

I have a clear grounding in digital marketing activities, branding and the importance of photos for promotion. I have an MA in photography from the University of Falmouth, I qualified from the Chartered Institute of Marketing with an honours certificate along with a level 3 Coaching and Mentoring Certificate.

I love photography and want to help as many as possible to become the best photographer they can be. I avoid using all technical jargon, so that you come away feeling inspired, motivated and keen to create your own photographs for your business.

Smartphone Photography training withBecky Craven

Fill in the form to make an enquiry

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