Kit for Smartphone Photography and Video

Kit for Smartphone Photography and Video to help you take better photos and videos using just your smartphone. There are so many bits of kit you can use when starting out taking photos of your products or needing to explain your services. When I teach smartphone photography and video workshops I have a box of tricks that I bring along that help me take better photos or shoot videos on my phone.

A Bendy Mini Tripod For Smartphones

A super helpful portable tripod that you can use with all smartphones. You can bend the legs and wrap it around door handles, street furniture, or anything. It is also really sturdy enough to be a good tripod on the desk.

The swivel head means it can be used for overhead shots – perfect for the crafters out there. It has non slip rubber feet and it’s lightweight too. You can take the head off the top and it fits inside an A4 box.

Mini Phone Ring Light

A mini Selfie ring light that clips to the top of your phone, lighting up your face if you are doing a piece to camera or lighting up the area you are taking a photo of.

Great for foodie shots, product photos and beauty pictures. It’s rechargeable with a USB cable that comes with it. There are 3 brightness settings with this handy little ring light.

Niffty little hack to add a Popsocket to the back of your phone making it easier to hold and take selfies.

Also, you can pop it out to prop up your phone and watch a video / film. When you are done pop it away as it folds flat. This is the basic Popsocket but there are loads of colours available.

Once you have you have one you will wonder how you ever coped with out it!

Background holder

An extra pair of hands to hold items up when you are photographing them or a way to hold a piece of paper background.

These little grips attach to the edge of a table and I use them to hold a paper backdrop in place when taking photos of small products. They are only about a foot long with bendy repositionable arms and crocodile clips on the end.

They are easy to use, if you want to hold bigger and heavier items then use the larger backdrop listed below.

Portable Table

This might not look like a photography prop but it has been so helpful for me. I can set it up and do all my product photography on it. It’s easy to wipe clean and to transport to clients’ rooms if I need to.

To make it as easy as possible to take photos quickly yourself, have a space already set up with help. YOu don;t need lots of space, this is just a 6′ table.

If you want to have a mini photography space set up in your home or office, then this table is ideal as its easy to set up and packs flat when you have finished.

Tape for holding backdrops and sticking stuff down

I can’t get enough good tape that sticks to walls and shiny surfaces, plus when you peel it off it leaves no marks. This is the best tape I have used

I use it mainly for sticking backdrops to the wall and letting them hang down so that I get an infinity curve.

The tape is strong enough to hold wallpaper and backdrops. I personally like the blue colour too but it comes in traditional white too.


I use the amazing backdrops created by Captured by Lucy as she is based in the UK and in my opinion, makes the best backdrops.

They are wipable, strong and not made out of paper so you can use them time and time again. Every colour imaginable in backdrops and a number of sizes to choose from.

Tripod Adaptor for Smartphone

If I attach my phone to a tripod I want to know its not going to slip and move about.

This clip attaches to all smartphones and it can easily be moved from portrait to landscape shooting.

Easy to clip in and go and more successful that the cheaper option that dropped and smashed my phone.

Tripod for Smartphone Photography and Video

This tripod has extra kit that ships with it like the remote clicker and the smartphone adaptor. A lightweight tripod that’s easy to put up and packs away.

It’s a great piece of kit to use indoors, but if you are outside I suggest having a heavy weight at the bottom of the kit to stop it from blowing over in the wind. Use your kit bag / handbag to steady it.

Ring light, full-height tripod and clicker

Ring light, tripod and Bluetooth remote all the things you need to take great pictures of yourself or headshots.

I also use this when I am on virtual calls or taking photos with my smartphone or professional camera.

The NEEWER Ring Light Kit is a fill height tripod and the ring light is also Dimmable LED Ring Light and has an adjustable stand. The Bluetooth clicker can be used with your smartphone on its own too, so no longer do you have to run to and fro to set up your timer for your photos.