Done for you social media services are dead

☠️ Here’s why:

Every social platform has loads of competition in 2022.

To build your brand on any one platform now takes a large amount of commitment and effort.

📚 LinkedIn requires great copywriting

📸 Instagram requires scroll stopping visuals

📹 TikTok requires an interesting creative video

📺 YouTube requires awesome video editing

🏡Facebook requires…well that’s a place to chat to your friends and family or run a community group.

The thing is each platform is different.

Your content needs to be frequent and consistent but also different on your platforms.

Your clients are clever, you can not put mediocre content out and then say

“Social Media doesn’t work”.

Done for you social media services are dead….

It does work, and the proof is in the sales my clients have achieved on Instagram or LinkedIn or their website.
The images I have created for them have brought them sales

The training on using your smartphone to take better pictures themselves has brought them sales.

Get your message and your photographs out to your ideal client consistently and you will see that social media does work for all businesses.

You may need to connect with professional content makers and realize you will have to put some work in yourself too.

I create visual content for my clients, some of them I train to use social media platforms so they reap the benefits themselves from sales.

The clients that follow my guide win, every time. Look at some of the clients I have worked with here

The ones that don’t see rewards are the ones that don’t follow the plan, don’t log in, don’t engage with their comments.

And then say social media doesn’t work.

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