Food Photography has to look as delicious as it tastes. It needs to be sumptuous, it needs to evoke the utter desire to consume it.

Vibrant food and product photography and video taken in the studio based in Devon. Many of the clients work are based in the South West of England, but other clients send products directly to us to be captured. As there is an abundance of food producers in the South West, I get the opportunity to photograph delicious food with low food miles. Find out about booking a Photo or Video shoot with us

Clients include:

When I make food choices I aim to eat locally UK-produced food as much as possible. I try to eat healthy, non processed organic food. I am conscious of plastic waste and the ethics of the producers within that food chain.

Food photography also requires props and styling, which bring the images alive. Therefore, the choice of plate, the colour of crockery, use of natural foliage, the style of cutlery or even whether we use natural or artificial light is key to ensuring the images are on brand.


I have an ever-growing cupboard of props, which is a good basis for many food photographs. This includes materials, ribbon, plants, books, plates, cutlery and trays. I can source additional props for my clients and style the shoots myself or work with professional food stylists. During the initial briefing stage of a project, we plan the style of the shoot and decide on all the props.

So I actively seek clients that have similar ideas, ethics and the desire to make the food that we eat wholesome and good for our bodies. All the brands I have worked with have a good moral compass when it comes to producing or making food.

My aim as a Food Photographer is to create a collection of food photography images that are suitable for use in Editorial, Magazines, Press Releases and Social Media. For more of my commercial work look at my portfolio.

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