What’s a Personal brand photographer -do I need one?

A photo of myself is just awkward, isn’t it?

Most of the people that I have worked since I became a photographer in 2006, have approached me to have their photographs taken reluctantly. There is an awkwardness to the idea of having a photo taken of yourself. I agree that when I have my picture taken, it feels a bit weird at first. However, my aim is to put you at ease. Within a few minutes you start to actually enjoy the process, you get into the swing of it.

Taking natural, colourful branding photos of you, will help people to find out more about you. Branding photographs have become so much more than just your LinkedIn profile picture. Now you are encouraged to use photographs of yourself on all your social media platforms – you can see how I use mine here

Photojournalism for your brand pictures

The way I work as a brand photographer is by planning the photoshoot with you. I want to hear all about your business and find out what makes you tick. This type of photo shoot is not a quick snap, it will take a few hours. I encourage you to take time out to enjoy the process and not feel rushed. I love working with people who love their job from entrepreneurs to creatives to business owners and sole traders. Everyone has one thing in common and that is that they love their job.

  • Firstly to understand your brand values
  • To complement your brand colours with the photography
  • Make your photographs stand out from your competition
  • To use locations that are relevant to your business
  • Help you with planning your outfits, styling and hair and make up.
  • Create a collection of images that you are proud of

I have talked about the importance of having outstanding profile photos on your about you page in this article here as your About You page on your website is the second most important page.

So what about just embracing the weirdness of having your photo taken, get an up-to-date image each year and use the photos of yourself frequently online. This will help people to get to know you, which is the first step to buying something from you.

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