Lifestyle Photography for Made in Britain Arada Firepit Company

Task – Photography, Planning, Styling and Props

AThe brief to me was simple -create a set of photographs that promote our new firepit range

I worked with the design team to plan out the style of the lifestyle photoshoot. Starting with taking a brief, being clear on the target audience and marketing objective.

Followed by using private Pinterest boards to share concepts and ideas. The team worked remotely so the flow of information needed to be predominantly digital.

I souced location options and we finally agreed on the perfect location in Somerset. We need a scope to use it all day but also to light fires and have quite a big outdoor space with multiple backdrops.

After a site meeting and finalising the shoot list we planned a day or actually three because we can never be sure of the weather here in the UK. Working outside has more challenges, as we need it to be dry, but not too hot or too bright – otherwise we need lots more kit and people to manage the light.

What happens on a lifestyle shoot?

Shoot day is always busy, there is a plan that we follow but often the weather impacts the plan or the need for models – in this shoot we also had a dog! I love working with dogs and kids on shoots as you have this total chaos they bring out the best photographs on the day. People or pets that are full of life help to bring photos alive too.

Lifestyle Photography is about creating a set of images that your ideal client can relate to, they can dream about the product or service and imagine themself within it.

I might not be your usual photographer as I don’t just turn up and take pictures. I want to make sure that the photos I take for my clients are relevant, they have multiple uses, they are on brand and most importantly they will help to convert leads to sales.

We live in a digital age, image is everything. Photographs have become increasingly valuable to businesses.

If you are thinking about updating your photographs in your business and are looking for a photographer that can take the lead and create gorgeous lifestyle images of People, Property or products then book a free discovery call with me today

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