Smartphone Photography Training for Businesses

Smartphone Photography Training for Businesses with Becky Craven
Smartphone Photography Training for Businesses with Becky Craven

Smartphone Photography Training for Businesses will help your business never be stuck for photos again.

Training creatives, independent business owners, marketing departments, VA’s and communications teams in large organisations all to take better photos on their mobile phones, so that you can use the photos quickly and effectively on social media and websites.

Empower your team to identify, create, edit and share professional business photos all from their smartphone

As a professional photographer, I can teach you how to take better photos on your smartphone and edit them so that they look professional. The need for photographs is growing, we are in the age of the image. Social media platforms are demanding, gorgeous photos stop the scroll. YOu can capture people’s attention online with just a photograph.

Businesses need regular photographs that are quick and easy to update. Professional photographers are not always available. Maybe you have not got a budget yet for a professional photographer, maybe you are going to an event and need to write a blog post about it – but what photos can you use? Perhaps your job is to maintain social media accounts and you need images to fill the account but often end up using stock photos which are not quite right.

Learning to use the kit most of us have in our back pocket, our mobile phone is the quickest and easiest way to up your photography skills. Your images are a reflection of your branding and your business.

My training will help you feel confident and comfortable that you and your staff will be empowered to take photographs in the right way.

In the workshop, you will learn how to enhance your photos even further using easy to use intuitive photo editing apps. I will show you the techniques and apps to create brilliant photos you did not think were possible, all on a smartphone.

By teaching and encouraging a number of staff to take photographs in your business, you will get a larger variety of images from across your company. This means the social media and blog posts will be more authentic, relevant and interesting to your ideal clients.

Behind the scenes video on a recent smartphone photography training day for businesses

Smartphone Photography Courses can be booked as a half-day or full-day

Couse Details Include

  • Get to know the camera on your phone
  • How to take better photographs by exploring using natural light, setups, angles and exposure.
  • How to set up a group and individual photos
  • Rule of thirds and how to use it
  • Setting up photos when you have nothing to say
  • How to create a story with photos
  • Editing – how to do it and what not to do
  • Editing photos workflow
  • Cropping, resizing and object removal
  • Backup and repurposing photos
  • Where to best use your photos online
  • A handy kit list to help you further

Smartphone photography training for businesses

You can choose where to learn how to take better photos with your smartphone

  • In person group workshop at your office
  • A chosen location off-site
  • As part of an away day team building event
  • Online with Zoom

I teach in groups of 6 – 15 people so that everyone gets support and personal advice during the in-person sessions. On zoom I run 2 hour – half-day interactive workshops with up to 20 people. Click the link to book a discovery call to talk about all the options in more detail, and let me know what your business needs.

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About the Smartphone Photography Coach

Hi I am Becky Craven I have been running my photography business since 2006, I work as a commercial photographer. Before becoming a photographer full time I worked with advertising and marketing agencies.

I have a clear grounding in digital marketing activities, branding and the importance of photos for promotion. I have an MA in photography from the University of Falmouth, I qualified from the Chartered Institute of Marketing with an honours certificate along with a level 3 Coaching and Mentoring Certificate.

I love photography and want to help as many as possible to become the best photographer they can be. I avoid using all technical jargon, so that you come away feeling inspired, motivated and keen to create your own photographs for your business.

Smartphone Photography training withBecky Craven

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