Quick Business Headshots in The Office in Devon

Having your company photos taken in your office can save your team time and ensure you get new headshots of all your staff and teams quickly in just a day.

I have a portable lighting studio that I can set up in a meeting room in your offices so that staff members can drop in to have their photos taken during the day.

It’s a great opportunity to update your About Us pages and team photos on your website and in Linkedin Profiles. Many people feel uncomfortable having their photos taken, but it is valuable to have professional photos of your staff and team members on your website and social media platforms. The reason is that people buy from people. As we all do more business online and remotely it has become more important to have a great professional photo for everyone to see.

Also when you attend networking events or provide Press releases it’s vital that you have an up-to-date picture. We know that people buy from people, but if they can’t see you how can they even begin to know you or trust you?

How many times have you come across a Linkedin profile or website where you discover a person either has no photo or a poorly light or worst holiday snap being used as their About Me picture?

Sending out a professional message is not just about the words and branding of your company, it is also about the pictures you choose to use and the style of the headshot photos you have online.

Top 5 Tips to quick business headshots in the office

  • Book the time in your company diary. Treat this photoshoot with the same importance as a quarterly business meeting. Tell your staff the importance of them attending the photoshoot as this is part of your marketing promotions.
  • Make a list of all the people who need new headshots. Give the list with full names and departments to your photographer so that they can tick off all the people as they come along for their photo.
  • Allow more time to set up group shots. As there are more people involved it’s important to allow extra time to set these up. Talk to your photographer about how long to allow.
  • Before the photo shoot, decide on the style of the headshots you want. Are they all going to be taken on the same colour background? Or do you want more informal relaxed photos outside or on location like these
  • Understand that most people will be uncomfortable with having their photo taken, you can share the video below which explains the process and will help put everyone at ease.

These photos were taken for And Partners an insurance company that had recently been rebranded. They have offices all over the UK and a new website is being produced.

The issue was that they needed a collection of headshots and group photographs with new team members plus showing the new signage inside and outside the building. It was important to them that I could visit the offices and set up a portable photo studio.

If you need headshots of your team, please fill in the form below to find out more or book a quick discovery call over coffee here to see if we click.