There are 3 kinds of photos all businesses need.

Did you know that business owners need three kinds of photographs to grow and stand out?

  • Professional photographs
  • Everyday photographs
  • Referral photographs

📸 Professional photos

These are taken by a trained and qualified professional photographer (like me 😁). They are very high quality and can tell your story, build your brand and show you and your products in the best possible light. You need these photos to show off your brand and your company vision.

colourful product photography from brands in the Uk. Patterned tiles with fresh flowers and blue cup with tea in it, dasiy and dom chocolate laid out ready to eat in this relaxed product shot by photographer Becky Craven

I have been working as a commercial photographer since 2006 and have taken hundreds of product and  scroll-stopping hero shots for businesses and individuals. 

I am known for creating gorgeous lifestyle photos that need planning, props and often people. I source and direct models – these might be your friends and family or they might be professional. I also visualise and source the props that bring your brand alive, and plan and coordinate the team on shoot day like hairdressers, lighting, video, animals ..and so on.

I love this part of my job. It’s when all the ideas and vision come together on a photoshoot. 

📱Everyday photos

These are pictures taken by you and your company and your team, often on your smartphone. They can complement your professional brand photos. 

Smartphone Photography training with Becky Craven

The pictures might not look quite as good as those taken by a professional but they are an essential part of a business. That’s because they show authenticity and day-to-day activities. They show behind the scenes – and people love that. 

You need these pictures for one purpose – they are to build real and long-lasting relationships with your customers and clients. 

I can teach you or your team how to use your smartphone to take brilliant photos, how to edit the pictures and then resize or upload them online. All with the aim to generate leads for your business. 

🔥 Referral photos

These are visual reviews from other people and your clients. An example would be a photograph a customer has taken of one of your products they’ve bought or received, such as food, drink, clothing, the pretty view from their rented cottage…you get the idea.

These are often overlooked but they are gold to your business. Not only is this a valuable review but it is also additional content for free. 

I can teach you how to get access to repurposed images, how to correctly use other people’s photos and where to successfully use them online in your marketing material. 

How I can help you and your business 

Book a free discovery call to find out how to elevate your business to another level using fantastic photography. 

Or find out here about me teaching your team at work 

Every month I run a free two-hour networking event in Exeter where creative individuals and teams can come together to share ideas and experiences over drinks and nibbles.

It’s open to a wide range of creative businesses, from self-employed entrepreneurs through to corporate brand and marketing professionals.

Each month features at least one guest speaker talking about a ‘hot’ creative topic followed by a friendly group  discussion

It’s an opportunity to socialise and collaborate with other people just like you working creatively in Exeter and across the South West. 

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