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The Client – Mid Devon District Council for the Field To Fork Campaign Featuring Granny Gothards Ice Cream

Case Study: Ice Cream Product Photographer, Video, Audio and Social Media with Granny Gothards

Task to create a collection of photos and produce a 30 -40 second video with client audio to use on Instagram Reels, Facebook and YouTube

The project was to create a video with audio that shows the journey of the produce made and grown in Mid Devon through to the ice cream in the hand of the consumer.

Taste Mid Devon: From Field to Fork with Grannhy Gothards Ice cream made in Willand, Mid Devon. Featuring Fordmore Farm as the location where you can buy this luxury Ice Cream.

What We Did

To understand the field-to-fork process of the company we had an initial conversation, because from this we devised a plan that would capture a unique story. It was important to feature the supply chain following each supplier. Therefore this included the milk delivery, the staff in the warehouse, the making of the ice cream and the final journal of the product in the hand of the customer.

Although the video appears a linear process, the filming took place in reverse. We began with the ice cream serving at Fordmore Farm to align with favourable weather conditions. Models and staff were sourced for the film shoot. Due to the unpredictable UK weather, we often had only 2-3 days’ notice before filming. Contrary to appearances, this was not filmed in mid-summer as planned. But, Instead captured at the end of September after a stint of bad weather.

The story planning included coordinating Oak Park Dairy deliveries, production schedules for ice cream and sorbets, and changes in warehouse packing. Smooth filming and photography required careful coordination among staff, suppliers, and manufacturing processes. The CEO of Granny Gothards, Amanda’s had a piece to camera audio. She explained the route from field to fork for her Ice Cream. We planned to record the audio in a quiet space with no interruptions after proper preparation and audio set up ready to go.

The storyboard was created, shoot dates set then this was filmed over two days. Then, once we had the footage, we edited and supplied film for instagram Reels output.

Funded by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. Part of Visit Mid Devon’s Field to Fork Scheme.

Ice Cream Product Photographer Instagram Feed

Ice Cream Product Photographer Granny Gothards Ice Cream vist Mid Devon instagram
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