Video Marketing for Food and Drink Producers

Marketing on social media has been core for food and drink promotions, but the use of video on social media for food producers has been slower to be adopted. Often considered expensive, harder to create and often overwhelming.

Social media video marketing has grown as a powerful tool for food and drink brands. Product Vvideo has the ability to quickly capture your audience’s attention, it will boost engagement and drive conversion.

Tell your food story through video. As artisan producers, you have a greater ability to connect on a much deeper level with your audience. Unlike the big brand, you are close to making the products. Share this knowledge and skills in a video.

Whether you are looking to learn to create more video content yourself in house (join the next smartphone video workshop here to help you ) or you need an agency to plan and create your next video content this is the right time to be using video in your food product business.

In 2022 There Were An Estimated 3.37 Billion Internet Users Consuming Video Content

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Even though the value of video is clear by these video marketing statistics, there are still a number of marketers who face challenges when creating this type of content. Statista surveyed with a group of content marketers based in the U.S. who are actively creating videos to find out what their biggest video challenges were.

Here’s the outcome of that survey:

  • 48% said they felt their organization wasn’t using existing video to its full potential.
  • 43% said lack of in-house skills (filming, editing, etc.) was another challenge.
  • And 40% said their biggest barrier to video marketing was the lack of a budget dedicated to creating videos

90% of Consumers Watch Videos on Their Mobile Devices

Video quickly provides emotional connection and storytelling. Through the medium of video, food and drink brands can forge deep emotional connections with their audience. Storytelling on social media with video allows brands to share narratives that resonate with viewers’ emotions and values, ultimately strengthening brand loyalty.

Focusing video creation on social media output on smartphones shifts the output and content significantly.

  • We need to create vertical video not the traditional portrait format. Think Instagram reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts these all favour the long thin video format.
  • Have a strong hook that captures the viewer in just 3-5 seconds. This might be a different angle, a notable piece of text or funny moment. Next time you are scrolling through your favourite social media channel, write down what makes you stop and watch.
  • Timing is key and that means you have a maximum of 60 seconds, some platforms give you 90 seconds of maximum air time. On instagram reels the longest reel you can upload is 90 seconds, but from recent statistics most successful videos on instagram are actually just 23 seconds long. Often these videos direct you to read more in the caption, where you have 2200 characters. to write a mini blog post.
  • Rough and ready is ok. This might go against the grain of many video production houses. But from my experience of teaching smartphone video, and creating videos for clients, the combination of “loose’ relaxed video ” that is less polished and more relatable has become more successful on social platforms. A combination of professional images, videos and branding is vital. Combined with some looser, experimental video content that connects with your ideal client, will help you to stand out online.

92% of Video Marketers Are Satisfied With the ROI on Their Video Marketing

According to Animoto, 92% of businesses are satisfied with the ROI of their video marketing on social media. Further, 91% of businesses now leverage video as a key marketing tool. An unprecedented peak since monitoring this data. Furthermore, 96% of marketers, the highest proportion in the past nine years, recognize video as a crucial component of their marketing strategy.

Consumers love video. According to Social Sprout, 73% of consumers have been influenced by a brand’s social media presence when making purchasing decisions.

Valentine Vertical Video Content
Stay Hydrated Vertical Video
Easter Egg Video Content

Now is the time get started with video marketing

Take advantage of these video statistics in 2024 and get started with your video marketing. Use these statistics to kick start your next video campaign. Include planning video into your next marketing campaign. Video content is powerful, taking your brand directly to your ideal clients, increasing sales and being memorable.

If you are looking for your next video partner then check out the videos we have created for our clients.

Video marketing for Food and Drink Producers is Simple, Effective and Fun

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