How to swap a dull sky for a blue sky in Canva

If you want to change a dull, sky into a nice blue sky here is a quick and easy hack to use on Canva. If you have taken your photo on your smartphone then simply use the mobile canva app or if you prefer to work on your desktop then use Canva online here

I normally do edits like this in Adobe Photoshop as it gives me more flexibility, but while testing out some new features in Canva to use with my smartphone photography workshops, I discovered this new AI feature.

This image is a bit technical as it has trees overhanging and there is a puddle to match up to, so there are many easier images to work on than this one.

Start easy with maybe a seascape or just a sky change. I am really pleased with this version of sky replacement in Canva, its is fantastic. I could do it all on my phone too.

As Canva uses cloud hosting, whatever I do on my phone, matches up with my computer or any other device. Just log into your own account and all your projects are there waiting to be used, shared or downloaded. Plus if you don’t have an Adobe Photoshop subscription then using this hack in Canva is super easy.

Watch this video to see – How to swap a dull sky for a blue sky in Canva

This video takes you step by step through the process of

  • Getting your photo into canva
  • Editing the photo in canva
  • Masking an area of sky that needs to be swapped
  • Programming AI in canva to get the desired sky that is not to bright or fake
  • Swapping the dull overcast sky into a sunny blue sky with fluffy clouds
  • Editing the puddle on the floor to match the sky
  • What to do when you don’t get the result you expect
  • Finally exporting the finished photo showing the before and after results

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