Product Photoshoot and Video for Candle Company

10 pack Product Photoshoot and Video content

Product Photoshoot and Video Brief: Art Direction, Styling, Props, Photography and Video 10 products including – 6 Candles, 3 tea light candle sets and 1 festive pack

Anne, the owner of I am Candles contacted me as she was looking to update her photos. She started her hand-poured candle business a few years before and was currently selling at local markets and via messages on socials. She wanted to take her brand to the next level, set up an e-commerce website to make the buying process easier and to use instagram with focus.

Anne knew that having strong images would help her business stand out online, they would promote trust and integrity while elevating her brand. After a quick call we knew we were on the same page, so quickly booked a product photoshoot in the studio. A project brief was created that listed the art direction, look and feel of the photos, including planning, video and prop sourcing.

The colourways, branding and specifics are all agreed before the photo shoot to ensure that we all know what we are photographing on the shoot day. This shoot was to be woodland inspired with a twist of magic.

I aim to eliminate surprises and unknowns on product photoshoots. The video captured the behind-the-scenes with timelapse and user-generated content, hand models. The video will be used on Instagram and facebook so it was taken for portrait and landscape usage.

This reel is created from 6 clips of video clip used on instagram as a reel. I add a collection of the photos too, all of which were created as one reel. The photos were resized to fit portrait before being added to the reel. This helps to maintain the quality of the photo externally to instagram.

When you include video in your package you will get the individual video clips to put your own reels together too. This means that the content you get is not just one reel as you see here but actually, it’s 6 or more reels/videos that you can create.

The benefit of using short form video like this that you can resuse and clip the video in many different ways. The content is created once and used numerous times again and again.

This reel uses text and trending audio, but you could use each clio with audio or you could use your own voice over.

Video content like photos stops the scroll and magnetises your ideal client directly to your social, website or even email list.

Video clips like this are a great addition to a photoshoot as they add another dimension to your branding and story.

Do you need to update your product photos or videos?

It’s really easy to work work with me as all you need to do if send me your products and I’ll capture them for you. Fill in the form below to find out more about product photography + Video Content Creation

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